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Photo of a student participating in a mock interview at the Career Center
Congrats! If you have landed an interview, the employer sees potential in you, and you have already cleared a lot of the hurdles in the job search process. In addition to determining whether the company and position fit what you want, the interview is your opportunity to confirm for the employer that you have the right skills and qualifications they need, AND that your personality fits the organization.

What would you like to do?

This virtual workshop, Successful Interviewing, will help you prep for an interview, covering what makes an interview successful, preparation strategies, and how to answer the various types of interview questions. It will take you about 30-40 minutes to complete. (See all available virtual workshops.)

Your answers to the interview questions only make up about 50% of the overall impression you make. In only 3 minutes, this Successful Interviewing video will teach you everything else it takes to make a good impression.

The Interviewing Handout goes over how to make a good impression, the types of interviews, types of questions, how to answer the most common questions, what to ask, and common things that can go wrong in an interview.

After you’ve used the resources above (particularly the virtual workshop), if you have questions or would like some personalized assistance, contact a Career Success Advisor here. You will then be scheduled for the next available time the advisor has to respond to your request. Want feedback on your answers or presentation but can’t come in for a mock interview? Send a recording!