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Getting a Part-Time Job

The number of jobs available is down, and competition is high. Especially since student jobs often don’t require a highly specialized skill set, how do you set yourself apart from everyone else applying for those jobs?

Here are some tips:

  • Know what you have to offer to the company you’re applying to, and what makes you unique. What are you really good at that would be of value to this company? What do you do better than other people?
  • Be professional. Just because it’s not a “professional job” doesn’t mean that being professional isn’t important. Dress nicely any time you go there, whether it’s for an interview, to talk to someone about jobs, or to pick up or drop off an application. Bring resumes with you when talking to people, and include a resume with your application whenever possible.
  • Don’t send out generic resumes. You might not want to change your resume for every job you apply for, but the resumes you send out should still demonstrate your qualifications to do the type of job you’re applying for. See the Resume page for more info.
  • Show interest. The part-time job you’re applying for may not exactly be your dream job, but the employer still wants to hire someone who wants to be there, and is going to be motivated. Know what you would enjoy about the job, and make sure to convey this with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Get a referral. Even for part-time jobs, it is becoming important to know someone who can refer you for the job… usually someone who already works there and is in good standing. If you don’t already know someone who works there, take the time to meet and make a good impression on someone so you’re not just a piece of paper.

Finding Openings

Part-time jobs have never done a whole lot of advertising… which presents the dilemma of how to locate openings. BroncoJobs is an excellent resource for finding openings, because some companies that wouldn’t advertise elsewhere will post on BroncoJobs because it is reaching their target audience- college students looking for part-time positions. You will find both on and off campus jobs. Go to BroncoJobs powered by Handshake.

It is never a good idea, however, to only look online for jobs. BroncoJobs is a good starting point, but only represents a portion of what’s out there. To find other openings:

  • Network. Ask your friends, family, classmates, and anyone else you know if there are any openings where they work, or if they have heard of any place that is hiring.
  • Come up with a list of places you might like to work, and set aside a time to go and visit each of those places. Dress nicely, bring copies of your resume, and try to speak with a manager.

Get more info on getting a part-time job.