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Idaho Career Information System

Next Steps Idaho/Idaho Career Information System logoThe Idaho Career Information System (CIS) is an Idaho-specific career information database, providing comprehensive career information, resources and services to help you make successful education and career decisions.

Here are some of the things you can do with the Idaho Career Information System:

  • Identify career options based on some of your most important values
  • Access the Idaho Department of Labor’s data for each occupation on wages, how many people are employed in that occupation, and projected growth
  • View anticipated number of annual openings by region of the state
  • View lists of Idaho businesses that may hire people in a particular occupation

Access the Idaho Career Information System

Click here to access the Idaho Career Information System. You will be automatically logged into Boise State’s account.

Accessibility: The Career Center is committed to providing equal access to all users and is working with vendors and partner organizations to improve our platforms. Should you encounter any challenges when using this tool, please contact us at 208-426-1747 or and we will assist you.