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Faculty and Staff Resources

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Did you know…

  • …that the Career Center is not just a resource for students?
  • …that we are here to assist YOU in your work with students by providing career development expertise, tools, resources, support, training, and consultation?
  • …that we have spent the last few years developing a wide range of tools and resources specifically for faculty and staff to use in classes and advising?

In the work you do with students, you may see many struggling with everything from choosing a major or deciding how they want to apply their major after graduation, to understanding how to fully prepare for a career, to finding post-graduation employment.

The continually increasing amount students must pay to receive an education, coupled with higher-than-ever employer expectations and a highly competitive job market have dramatically raised the stakes for our students.

Employability now requires more than a degree alone. Our students now need:

  • A degree that is appropriate for the career the student intends to pursue
  • Hands-on experience outside the classroom that is directly relevant to the student’s intended career
  • A set of demonstrated professional and technical skills
  • A strong professional network within the intended career field

This means that in order to achieve professional success after graduation, students must start the career planning process early. They must explore their interests, abilities, and values as well as their academic and career options, create a career preparation plan, and Make College Count!

Two women talkingIncorporating career-related learning outcomes into your courses and academic advising sessions will allow you to proactively address the career planning needs of your students. There are a variety of ways you can do this, and the Career Center is here to support you by providing the tools and resources you need.

We Provide:

  • Online, interactive eLearning modules for use in or outside the classroom
  • Ready-to-teach curriculum for classes
  • Activities and assignments that can be used in advising
  • Short, Boise State-specific videos on a variety of career planning and job search topics
  • Web resources for career and job market information, and identifying career options by major
  • Information on employer expectations of college grads
  • Career assessments we can facilitate with your class or group
  • Personalized presentations and workshops upon request
  • Consultation on ways in which to incorporate career planning into your courses, advising, or work with students
  • Liaison relationship with a Career Center staff member who is available to assist you

Here are links to some of these resources:

  • Career Planning Modules – Learn about the eLearning modules the Career Center has provided to help you easily incorporate career planning and job search topics into your courses. (Already familiar with what these are and how to use them? Go directly to the Career Planning Modules. You will also find the links to the accompanying curriculum which includes activities and assignments on this page.)
  • Career Readiness Competencies – The National Association of Colleges and Employers has developed a list of 8 competencies employers now expect of all college graduates. You will likely find that these fit well with your course learning outcomes. Provide some context for your students by tying you course assignments directly to t career-readiness competencies, or have them write resume action statements about how they demonstrated these competencies in your course.
  • Virtual Career Center – The easiest way to help a student find what they need! You don’t need to know the resources available or where to find them – the Virtual Career Center will guide you. ALL of our electronic resources can be accessed here.
  • Vault – Vault provides in-depth intelligence on what it’s really like to work within an industry, company, or profession—and how students can position themselves to launch and build the career they want. It’s a career information web site, providing employee surveys of top employers, career advice, job listings, and career guides to individual industries. You and your students can create an account to gain access to valuable information
  • What Can I Do With This Major? – Using this resource with students can help you start the conversation about careers, and lets students brainstorm career paths related to their academic interests.
  • Career and Job Market Research webpage – Access local, regional, and national job market data to help your students make informed decisions about their futures.
  • Skill Articulation Worksheet – Whether you’re trying to help students understand the skills they’re gaining in your course or the value of an experience they’ve participated in, this modifiable activity can help students not only understand the professional skills they’re developing, but how to communicate them to future employers. The first page contains the basic worksheet, and the second page contains an example of one of many ways this activity could be modified to fit your needs.
  • GoinGlobal – Help students interested in jobs or internships abroad.
  • Advisor Resource Guide and Career Advising Flow Chart – Do you advise students? Post a copy of the Advisor Resource Guide by your desk for easy access to some of the resources you might find most helpful in your work with students. For additional help incorporating career advising into your sessions, our Career Advising Flow Chart will guide you through the process and provide a long list of questions to ask to help facilitate this conversation. Email for copies of these documents. (We are also available to facilitate career advising training for your staff.)

Who can help me?

Your liaison is your point of contact for anything you may need. Your liaison is available to consult with you to help you figure out how best to utilize the available resources in your classes or your work with students, navigate logistics of utilizing resources, design personalized presentations or workshops for you as needed, and can even provide any training or support you need.

Additional resources you might find helpful:

 What can I refer a student to the Career Center for?

We have a staff of career counselors and job search advisors who can help students with almost anything career-related, including:

  • Choosing a major
  • Identifying a career path
  • Overcoming barriers to identifying a path
  • Planning and preparing for a particular career
  • Deciding whether to pursue graduate school
  • Searching for student jobs, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities

  • Searching for professional positions
  • Professional networking
  • Overcoming barriers to choosing a path
  • Creating a professional online presence
  • LinkedIn
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Interviewing

Don’t forget to refer your students to our events, and join us yourself! We host or co-host professional networking events and opportunities for students to connect with employers, alumni, and faculty/staff, including Career Fairs, Meet the Employers events, and a Bronco Social for first year students.