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Boise State places over 1,300 interns annually with organizations throughout the Treasure Valley. These organizations include large international companies, small start-up businesses, state and federal agencies, and non-profit organizations. Boise State is in a perfect location for many exciting opportunities!

Want a fast overview of how to find, apply, and register for internships? See our Internship Handout.

NOTE TO STUDENTS: Internship credit is considered academic credit and will be billed as such depending upon your part- or full-time status during the semester you are participating in the internship.

An Internship Experience Offers Students:

  • Practical, hands-on work experience
  • The opportunity to see first-hand whether a particular field is a good match
  • The chance to practice what you have learned in the classroom
  • First-hand knowledge of an organization
  • The ability to earn academic credit
  • The potential to earn money while also taking classes
  • The opportunity to network and make valuable connections for future jobs
  • Experience in resume writing and interviewing

Some internship positions provide pay for students; others do not.  The most important part of an internship is in the experience gained and the contacts made. Interns have opportunities to make contributions to organizations and illustrate how valuable they could be as full-time employees after graduation. Conversely, the organization has an opportunity to assess the student’s potential as a full-time employee.  Often, the intern and the organization agree to continue the employment relationship after the internship is complete. If this opportunity is not available, organizations will often recommend interns for other opportunities in their field.

Internships require approximately 45 hours of work for each hour of academic credit awarded.  Generally, students work from 15 to 20 hours per week during a semester.  Interns sometimes work full-time during vacations and during the summer.  Internships must be done in the semester they are receiving academic credit.

Boise State University allows students to earn up to 12 academic credits for internship experiences which will count toward graduation requirements for a degree.  Some programs require internships.  Many allow an internship as an elective in a major. Students are encouraged to do one or more internships as part of their academic program.

Internships may be graded on a pass/fail basis or for a letter grade.

Is an Internship for You?

Are you interested in maximizing your educational experience and putting yourself in a better position for future success? Do you know that over 80% of all college students graduate with an internship experience? Do you know that many organizations use their internship program as an applicant pool from which to draw on when hiring for full-time employment?

If you are interested in getting the most out of college, then join the hundreds of  students who participate in the Boise State University Internship Program each year. Most degree-seeking students are eligible to participate in the internship program.    Each department has its own criteria for internship eligibility, which may include a   GPA requirement or upper-division status, so please contact your Department Coordinator for specific requirements. Even if you are not interested in receiving academic credit for your experience, internships are a valuable way to gain experience related to your field of study.

What Others are saying about Boise State’s Internship Program

“My internship experience has been the most beneficial and relevant part of my education. The ability to simultaneously earn class credit, develop critical job-market contacts, and learn the practical nature of a business is invaluable. Albertsons has done an incredible job of using this position to the ultimate benefit of all parties involved.  In today’s market, anything you can do as an undergrad to stand out is critical. An internship is a good place to start.”  David Bekken, Senior in Marketing

“Working for Reclamation while obtaining my undergraduate civil engineering degree was one of the best decisions I could have made. I was able to gain experience in my field and make important contacts that have been useful to me in my career. Although I was an intern, I was treated as though I was equal to the other employees and, at the same time, given the freedom I needed to complete school without feeling stress from a job. Currently, I am employed with Reclamation as an engineer, and I am working on a Masters Degree in civil engineering.” Jennifer Charles, Student Hydraulic Engineer in Training, Bureau of Reclamation

“At Little-Morris, LLP, accounting internships are not regarded as temporary employment but rather a stepping-stone for a career.” Marty Seger, Staffing Manager, Little-Morris, LLP

“I currently have three Boise State students working with senior engineers and hydrologists in the regional office. They bring vigor and spark to the group. I have been very happy with their performance.” Pat McGrane, Program Manager, River and Reservoir Operations Group, Pacific Northwest Region, Bureau of Reclamation

“The Boise State University Intern program at Idaho Transportation Department has proven to be a good benefit to the students and the citizens of Idaho. Many well-qualified Civil Engineers and Construction Managers work at ITD. Some of these have previously been through our intern program. With Boise State University training future Civil Engineers and Construction Managers it makes very good sense to introduce several of the students to the wide variety and specialty skills that our staff holds. Not only does this benefit the students, but it benefits the community as well. When the students graduate and pursue their careers, the diverse experience they learned at ITD will go with them into the private and public work force. Likewise  ITD benefits from the excellent training the students receive at Boise State, which is reflected in the quality work that is performed. All in all, the intern program at ITD is a great success.”  Merrill Sharp, Construction Manager, Idaho Transportation Department

“Boise State has been, and must continue to be, a university engaged with its community. We must continue to embrace the role that universities play in teaching and practicing civic engagement, that is, engagement in our community, in all areas of our campus life. One of the greatest ways our students can get involved in the community is through internships, and I encourage you to work with the Career Center’s Internship Program. It’s a great opportunity to further your education and enhance your community.” Dr. Bob Kustra, President, Boise State University

Recent Intern Program Employers

Below are some of the many organizations that hire interns through Boise State University.

  • 4th District Civil Court Mediation
  • Agency For New Americans
  • Albertsons
  • American Lung Association
  • Boise
  • Boise Art Museum
  • CH2M Hill
  • ECCO
  • Eide Bailly, LLP
  • Extended Systems
  • Idaho Dance Theatre
  • Idaho Physical Therapy
  • Idaho Power
  • Idaho Transportation Department
  • JR Simplot Company
  • KIVI 6 On Your Side/Journal Broadcast Group
  • Little-Morris, LLP
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Micron Technology
  • ProClarity Corporation
  • Senator Larry Craig’s Office
  • St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center
  • St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center
  • The Athletic Training Center
  • The Washington Group International
  • U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • Walt Disney World College Program

Which Boise State Academic Majors Offer Internships?

Almost all academic majors offer internships and almost all major departments have appointed a member of the department to serve as their Internship Coordinator.  Click here for a list of Department Coordinators.

How Do I Find an Internship Position?

The first step to finding an exciting internship is to log into BroncoJobs.  Once you find a position that interests you and would like academic credit, take the job description to your Department Coordinator for credit approval. If you are offered and accept the position, you will need to complete the Internship Application for Academic Credit in order to receive academic credit for your internship.  Please review the Academic Calendar for semester-specific application deadlines.

Students are encouraged to seek their own positions, identifying an organization in which they would like to intern and seeking information from a Human Resources department or another organizational department about availability of internships.  To help get ideas about where you might be interested in interning, or what you might want to do, log on to the Internship Database, click on “Search for Past Internships,” select your department, and see the internships other students have done.

It is possible for students to do internships in the organizations in which they are already regular employees. In these situations, students should look for new job projects which will allow them to apply the knowledge they are acquiring in their major course work to their job situation.  Students should discuss these processes with their department internship coordinator

Who Can Register For An Internship?

NOTE TO STUDENTS: Internship credit is considered academic credit and will be billed as such depending upon your part- or full-time status during the semester you are participating in the internship.

All degree-seeking students registered at Boise State University may consider registering for an internship.  Freshman and sophomore students register under the course number 293, junior and senior students register using the course number 493, and graduate students use course number 590.  The department prefix for these numbers depends on the academic department in which the student is doing the internship. This is almost always the department of the student’s major.

Registration for internships is subject to approval by Boise State department internship coordinators. Some departments have specific requirements students must fulfill before they can register for an internship. These might include GPA requirements, completion of certain prerequisites, attaining junior or senior status, etc. Approval of internship sites and descriptions and official registration forms must be obtained from the appropriate coordinator.

How Do I Register for an Internship?

NOTE TO STUDENTS: Internship credit is considered academic credit and will be billed as such depending upon your part- or full-time status during the semester you are participating in the internship.

To begin the process of registering for internship credit, meet with your department internship coordinator. The coordinator must first evaluate the work that you are doing to ensure that it meets department guidelines and help you decide how many credits the internship should be assigned.  Students earn one credit for each 45 hours of work.  The Internship Application for Academic Credit  form can be found on-line at Internship Application for Academic Credit . Please complete this on-line form and make an appointment with your faculty coordinator to finalize the process and complete any other forms required by your department.

Once the Internship Application for Academic Credit form has been completed with all appropriate signatures, the original form must be taken to the Registrar’s Office, Room 110, Administration Building in order to be registered for academic credit.

It is important to complete this paperwork before actual work on the internship begins.

Once registered for internship credit, you will be automatically covered by third-party liability insurance provided by the state of Idaho at no extra cost.  This insurance provides protection against potential damages caused by you in the work place. This is not a health insurance coverage.  It is a safeguard for you and the organization in which the internship will take place.

Some students who register for internships will be exempt from this insurance.  Exceptions apply in the following cases:

  1. A student is a regular employee (full- or part-time) of the organization in which the internship will take place.
  2. A student is an employee or volunteer in a federal agency during the internship.

Internships outside of Idaho are covered by the State’s liability insurance as long as the internship is recognized by Boise State University and the Boise State Office of Risk Management is notified in advance.

What Are the Responsibilities of an Intern?

When a student agrees to accept an internship position, that student intern agrees to:

  1. Register at Boise State University for internship credit.
  2. Complete the internship during the dates specified unless special arrangements are made with the Boise State department internship coordinator and the organization.
  3. Comply with general rules, policies, and procedures of the organization.
  4. Work conscientiously under the direction of the supervisor assigned by the organization.
  5. Comply with the rules of confidentiality of the organization.
  6. Report serious problems, including physical, safety, and personnel, to the organization supervisor and the Boise State department internship coordinator.
  7. Complete all Boise State academic assignments and course work related to this internship as outlined by the applicable department and the department internship coordinator.
  8. For your protection, it is recommended that you carry Boise State Student Health Insurance or other private health insurance.

NOTE TO STUDENTS: Internship credit is considered academic credit and will be billed as such depending upon your part- or full-time status during the semester you are participating in the internship.

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