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The “perfect storm” in higher education: Graduates are still struggling to become employed in positions that require a degree. The cost of college is increasing dramatically. Students and parents are focusing on ROI in deciding whether to pursue higher education. The government is increasingly focused on accountability and “placement” rates of graduates, which may be tied to funding in the near future. Employer expectations of college graduates are significantly higher than in the past – prior relevant experience and a set of professional skills are now minimum requirements for entry-level positions.

What this means is that career planning can no longer remain optional. It can no longer remain something students must seek out assistance with.  It must be a part of every student’s academic experience at Boise State University. We ALL must proactively talk with students about career planning and preparation.

As faculty and staff at Boise State, students WILL look to you for guidance, but you are not on your own. You don’t need to be an expert in career development to help your students. The Career Center is here to support you and provide you with the resources you need.

Below are links to the resources highlighted above:

  • Career Planning Modules – Learn about the eLearning modules the Career Center has provided to help you easily incorporate career planning and job search topics into your courses.
  • Virtual Career Center – The easiest way to help a student find what they need! You don’t need to know the resources available or where to find them – the Virtual Career Center will guide you. ALL of our electronic resources can be accessed here.
  • Make College Count!  – From this page you can get to the career planning modules, corresponding curriculum, assignments, and activities, videos on the skills critical to employers, links to job market information you can use with students, and results of the Collegiate Employment/Workforce Readiness research conducted here at Boise State.
  • What Can I Do With This Major? – Using this resource with students can help you start the conversation about careers, and lets students brainstorm career paths related to their academic interests.
  • Career Planning Page – The Career Planning page on the student side of the website provides links to career information databases you can use to help students explore their options or gather information. It also has information on the career assessments we have available.
  • Advisor Quick Resource Guide – Do you advise students? Print this quick reference guide and post it by your desk for easy access to some of the resources you might find most helpful in your work with students. (Note that it is double-sided – the first page contains information to help you start the conversation about career planning with students.) For additional help incorporating career advising into your sessions, also print this Career Advising Flow Chart, which will guide you through the process and provide a long list of questions to ask to help facilitate this conversation. (Warning: PDF’s may not display properly in Firefox)

Who can help me? 
Your liaison is your point of contact for anything you may need. Your liaison is available to consult with you to help you figure out how best to utilize the available resources in your classes or your work with students, navigate logistics of utilizing resources, design personalized presentations or workshops for you as needed, and can even provide any training or support you need.

The College of Business and Economics is handled by Holly Caudillo in the Student Services Office in the Micron Business And Economics Building (MBEB), Room 1121 –, 426-3855.

Additional resources you might find helpful: 

What can I refer a student to the Career Center for?
We have a staff of career counselors and job search advisors who can help students with almost anything career-related, including:

Choosing a major Searching for professional positions
Choosing a career path Professional networking
Overcoming barriers to choosing a path Developing a personal brand
Planning and preparing for a particular career Creating a professional online presence
Deciding whether to pursue graduate school LinkedIn
Searching for student jobs Resumes and cover letters
Searching for internships Interviewing

Don’t forget to refer your students to our events! We host professional networking events and opportunities for students to connect with employers, alumni, and faculty/staff, including Career Fairs, the Meet the Employers series, and a Make College Count! Happy Hour for first and second year students.

Print a flier with this information to share with your colleagues!